Recomendación del rincón del libro: Introducción a las entrevistas de investigación cualitativa


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    Hola a todos,

    Hemos recibido otra gran recomendación del Dr. Jim McDermott: lectura esencial para que los investigadores se familiaricen con los enfoques cualitativos.

    'Entrevistas' Una introducción a las entrevistas de investigación cualitativa, Steiner Kvale (1996) Publicaciones Sage ISBN: 0-8039-5820-X rústica

    No student adopting a qualitative approach to research should be without this invaluable work. It is both interesting and instructive, describing the interview both as research and as conversation. Kvale explains a range of philosophical issues related to interviewing enabling the process to be appropriately situated from the start. Then, having established a solid theoretical framework, the reader is introduced to seven stages of the interviewing process from initial thoughts, selection of method, study design, ethical concerns and validity all the way through to final writing up. ‘Interviews’ is essentially a text book but it is written in an easy-to-read conversational style and is highly recommended for anyone approaching the data collection stage of a study or those of a ‘quant’ persuasion who I am sure will find the book enlightening.

    Dr. Jim McDermott

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